The Oil and Gas Solutions is a new portfolio of Peniel Engineering and Supply, with the aim of leveraging on our successes in the Civil and Power Solutions to render sterling services within the Ghanaian Oil and Gas Industry and the sub region at large. 

We specialize in providing services across the Energy value chain. We together with our partners focus on services to the international oil and gas industry delivering solutions with excellence and value for money. We bring together solid knowledge and a vast range of exceptional expertise to present solutions to our clients.


We deliver advanced technical services and support through our partners as well as our experienced team. 
Our services include: 

  • Seismic Interpretation.
  • Geomodeling (Static Model).
  • Petrophysical Modeling.
  • Sedimentology Studies.
  • Stratigraphic and Geological Correlations.
  • Structural Geology Studies.
  • Petroleum Geology Studies.
  • Tectonic and Fracture Analysis.
  • Reservoir Characterization.
  • Geophysical Structural Definition.
  • Technical Appraisal and Economic Evaluation
  • Study and Design of Oil and Gas Exploration Projects.
  • Statistical Evaluation and Uncertainty Analysis of HCIP and Reserves.
  • Economic Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Exploration Fields.
  • Formation Evaluation of Underground Storage of Gas.
  • Reservoir Management.
  • 3D Reservoir Modelling.
  • Well Planning.
  • Petrophysical Analysis and Formation Evaluation
  • Dynamic Reservoir/ Field Simulation.
  • Production Forcast and Decline Curve Analysis.
  • PVT Analysis, History Matching, and Reservoir Monitoring.
  • Drainage Strategy Studies.
  • EOR Screening.
  • Well Construction and Optimum Operation.
  • Wellbore Stability and Integrity Studies.
  • Plugging and Abandonment​ (P&A) Studies.
  • Well Test Design & Evaluation.
  • Integrated Production Optimization.
  • Design and Study Artificial Lift.
  • Flow Assurance Evaluation.
  • Well Completion Design.
  • Smart Well Technolgy Evaluation.
  • Formation Damage Evaluation and Stimulation Design Studies.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
  • Field Development Study.
  • CO2 Storage.
  • Improve Computing Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Data Analytics

Training Services

  • 01 PES partners with it partners provide Global Public, In-House and Customized Training across the entire value chain.

  • 02 We offer different levels of advanced and tailor- made courses, advisory services and learning tools to meet professional requirements in the oil and gas industry.

  • 03 We offer advanced training styles and tools with the best trainers and instructors in the field. We believe the learning process that is most effective is when there is a combination of lectures, discussions and exercises, and real/field case and demonstration.