It is our aim to


families back together at the end of each working shift.

Sustain and improve

the quality of the environment and ecosystem by conducting safe operations.


with all applicable regional, national, and international HSE standards and regulations and industry best practices in the execution of duties.

HSE Commitment

It is our commitment to

  • 01 Thoroughly identify and manage all Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) risks inherent in our operations and services.

  • 02 Pollution prevention as well as minimization of impact on the communities we work in.

  • 03 Provide safe and healthy premises and equipment, and institute safe systems of work for all our employees, contractors, and visitors.

  • 04 Train, empower, motivate, and engage our employees and contractors to personify HSE.

  • 05 Provide efficient and timely services in a manner that ensures NO ONE GETS HURT.

  • 06 Ensure our management and staff work daily to improve the HSE working conditions to ensure ZERO ACCIDENTS.

  • 07 Continuously audit and improve our Health and Safety Management System.

  • 08 Adopt and implement all Standardized Health and Safety Management System applicable to our operations and services.